Folkmanis hand puppet angora rabbit


The Folkmanis Angora Rabbit is a sensational puppet for all ages. Lifelike with fluffy soft long pile plush and signature rabbit ears, cuddle this bunny in your arms as you move head and forelegs realistically to engage friends in delightful illusion and pretend play.

Did you know that Angora rabbits are known for their exceptionally soft and dense fur, making them one of the oldest types of domesticated rabbits? Their fur is often used to produce high-quality wool products such as yarns and fabrics. The Folkmanis hand puppet Angora rabbit provides children with a fun way to explore the unique characteristics and gentle nature of this particularly fluffy rabbit breed.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 43 cm
Playability: forlegs, head
Weight approx.: 159 g
Publication year: July 2022