Folkmanis hand puppet beaked dragon


A stunning purple dragon puppet. Adorned with custom printed skin, plush plumes, and sparkling accents, this bewitching dragon has expressive eyes with long lashes and a movable mouth for legendary storytelling.

Did you know that the beaked dragon, a fictional creature, is often portrayed in mythology and fantasy literature as a powerful being with magical abilities? The beak, an unusual addition for a dragon, might help it solve puzzles or unleash unique powers in stories. The Folkmanis hand puppet beaked dragon provides children with a fun way to stimulate their imagination and create their own mythical adventures with this unique and mysterious creature.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 71 cm
Playability: beak, tail
Height approx.: 25 cm
Weight approx.: 281 g
Publication year: July 2021