Folkmanis hand puppet bleating sheep


„Yes, you herd” right“, a new bleating sheep hand puppet grazes in Folkmanis pastures. With her sweet, comical face and soft, silvery fleece, this is one puppet „ewe will surely love“. Animate her mouth as you gently squeeze her body to hear her bleat.

Did you know that sheep play an important role in agriculture and are known not only for their wool but also for their ability to maintain landscapes? Their tendency to graze grass evenly and fertilize the soil makes them ideal natural lawn mowers. The Folkmanis hand puppet bleating sheep provides children with a fun way to discover the characteristic sounds and useful behaviors of these often underestimated animals.

Lenght approx.: 38 cm
Playability: mouth, makes sounds
Height approx.: 20 cm
Weight approx.: 181 g
Publication year: July 2015