Folkmanis hand puppet grey bunny


The Folkmanis hand puppet population welcomes grey bunny to the family. This cuddle bunny features buttery soft skin, a sweet face and velvety ears that come alive with movable mouth and all four legs.

Did you know that grey bunnies, like many of their kin, have excellent senses that help them stay safe from predators? Their large ears allow them to hear even the slightest sounds, and their quick reflexes help them react instantly when danger is near. The Folkmanis hand puppet grey bunny provides children with a fun way to playfully explore the clever survival strategies and adorable behavior of these cute little animals.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 23 cm
Playability: mouth, legs (all)
Height approx.: 13 cm
Weight approx.: 104 g
Publication year: July 2020
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