Folkmanis hand puppet hooting owl


The Folkmanis hooting owl puppet is a big night bird on the hunt for fun. Hear the call of the wild when you gently squeeze the body of this great gray owl. Fluffy plumage and intricate design details add to the realism of this amazing animal. (built-in bellows for hoo-hoo sound)

Did you know that owls use their distinctive hooting not just to communicate but also to mark their territory and attract potential mates? These fascinating birds have exceptional night vision and are efficient hunters in the dark. The Folkmanis hand puppet owl with a hooting effect gives children a playful way to explore the nocturnal activities and impressive hunting skills of these mysterious birds.

Playability: beak, wings, makes sounds
Height approx.: 41 cm
Weight approx.: 454 g
Publication year: July 2018