Folkmanis hand puppet little fox (small stage puppet)


Folkmanis Little Puppets are especially sized for children and have the same attention to detail that you have come to expect from Folkmanis products. The little fox puppet, with movable mouth and forelegs, is a clever companion to any story book!

The Folkmanis hand puppets from the small Stage Puppets series are specially designed for children’s hands, ensuring an ideal play experience and easy handling. Their size is perfectly tailored to the needs of young puppeteers, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment during playtime.

Did you know that foxes, despite their small size, are among the most cunning and adaptable predators? They can live in a variety of environments, from forests and grasslands to urban areas. The small Folkmanis stage puppet fox provides children with a fun way to learn about the clever hunting behaviors and survival strategies of these crafty animals.

Typ: hand puppet, small stage puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 23 cm
Weight approx.: 68 g
Publication year: July 2016