Folkmanis hand puppet polar bear cub


Out of hibernation and fresh from the den comes the newest polar bear cub hand puppet from Folkmanis. Heirloom design with soft plush fur, padded paws and a workable mouth, this cuddly glacial gladiator will easily find a warm place in your heart.

Did you know that polar bear cubs are intensively cared for by their mother in the first months of their lives as they survive in the icy Arctic? These young bears quickly learn how to navigate and hunt on the ice to prepare for independent life. The Folkmanis hand puppet polar bear cub provides children with a playful way to explore the developmental stages and survival techniques of these sturdy Arctic animals.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 36 cm
Playability: mouth
Height approx.: 18 cm
Weight approx.: 263 g
Publication year: January 2015