Folkmanis hand puppet shoebill (stage puppet)


An Old World prehistoric looking bird rumored to be related to dinosaurs, the massive shoebill makes a clattering sound. The Folkmanis Shoebill stage puppet is designed in a cool gray-blue palette of feathery plush. Expressive eyes and a hidden castanet to clatter away, lend this intriguing bird realism with a touch of whimsy.

Did you know that the shoebill, also known as Abu Markub, is famous for its massive, shoe-shaped bill, giving it a striking and unique appearance? This rare bird inhabits the swamps of East Africa and is known for its patient hunting behavior, remaining motionless for long periods before striking quickly. The Folkmanis stage puppet shoebill provides children with a fascinating way to explore the unusual features and lifestyle of this extraordinary bird species.

Typ: hand puppet, stage puppet
Playability: beak, makes sounds
Height approx.: 40 cm
Weight approx.: 236 g
Publication year: January 2024
Country of origin: Indonesia