Folkmanis hand puppet little pig (small stage puppet)


Sweet and soft, make this little pig hand puppet “oink”, sing and tell barnyard tales.

The Folkmanis hand puppets from the small Stage Puppets series are specially designed for children’s hands, ensuring an ideal play experience and easy handling. Their size is perfectly tailored to the needs of young puppeteers, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment during playtime.

Did you know that little pigs are highly intelligent and often considered one of the smartest types of pets? They can learn quickly and are known for mastering various tricks and commands. These animals also have an excellent memory and a strong capacity for social bonding. The small Folkmanis stage puppet pig provides children with a fun way to explore the intelligence and playful characteristics of these charming animals.

Typ: hand puppet, small stage puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 20 cm
Weight approx.: 36 g
Publication year: January 2013