Folkmanis hand puppet purring cat


Folkmanis purring cat hand puppet. This mellow and easy-going gray British Shorthair also has a movable mouth and swishable tail that will captivate any feline fan. (purring sound - low-tech enhancements provide a gentle vibrating purr to the lovely)

Did you know that a cat's purring is not only a sign of contentment but can also have healing properties? Studies suggest that the vibrations generated by purring can help heal bones and tissues and reduce stress. The Folkmanis hand puppet purring cat provides children with a soothing way to playfully explore the calming qualities and endearing behaviors of these gentle pets.

Lenght approx.: 66 cm
Playability: mouth, makes sounds
Height approx.: 23 cm
Weight approx.: 440 g
Publication year: January 2018