Folkmanis hand puppet three toed sloth


Mellow mannered and bearing a perpetual smile, the Folkmanis three-toed sloth puppet will fool everyone with its realism. Design details feature extraordinary three-toned fabric that mimics actual fur, magnets attachments for hanging from arms and legs as well as secret pockets in the hands for added movement. (magnetic inserts in arms and legs)

Did you know that three-toed sloths are among the slowest moving animals in the world and move so infrequently that algae can grow on their fur? This algae not only helps camouflage them in the dense rainforest but also provides nutrients to the sloth. The Folkmanis hand puppet three-toed sloth provides children with a fascinating way to playfully explore the leisurely pace and unique survival strategies of these endearing creatures.

Playability: mouth, arms, with magnet
Height approx.: 51 cm
Weight approx.: 513 g
Publication year: July 2018