Folkmanis hand puppet African lion cub


New to the pride and bounding with playful energy is the Folkmanis African lion cub puppet. Soulful eyes and big ears highlight a sweet expressive face that comes to life magically with your imagination. Whether pretending to roam the savanna or hiding in the bush, you’ll have an uproariously fun time with this big cat baby!

Did you know that lion cubs are born with blue eyes, and their eye color changes within two to three months? These young predators are playful from birth and start developing hunting skills early on through play-fighting and hide-and-seek games with siblings. The Folkmanis hand puppet African lion cub provides children with a wonderful opportunity to playfully explore the early development and playful behaviors of these majestic animals.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 46 cm
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 23 cm
Weight approx.: 322 g
Publication year: January 2016